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MSB Utilizes the iClicker technology in the classroom.  All MBA students are given an iclicker at orientation for use during their program.  Faculty can utilize the iclicker to ask multiple choice questions in class. 

If faculty wish to utilize the technology for knowledge checks and class participation a folder will be created for them on the S drive.  Please email Pj Grana at to create the folder for you and to set up a time for a tutorial on how to launch the system and use key features.  The MBA program office will do the set up for you and maintain all of the files.  

Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Do I need to prepare anything in advance of using the system?  
Yes, the MBA program office will create a location on the S drive where a folder can be accessed by both you and the staff.  This folder will be marked with your name and will have the software within it to launch to use the system.

2.  Do I preload the questions anywhere?
No, all you need to do once the software is launched is place your questions in your PowerPoint slides.  The system takes a picture of your slides when launched, thus allowing you to go back and grade the question if you like.

3.  Can I just use the system to start class discussion?  
Absolutely, you can ask questions that have no right answers just to get the discussion going.  This tool works great for going over cases to see what the class thought about certain situations or examples.

4.  When I launch the software I get an error message "Base not located"
This means someone has unplugged the base in the classroom, locate the base behind the monitor in all MSB classes.  Make sure the cord is plugged into the USB port in the computer, this powers up the base and you should see the base power on.