My publications are accessible via or PhilPapers, and some papers are also available via SSRN and Google Scholar.

Research Interests
My research focuses on the intersection of ethical and economic values, particularly in the context of medical ethics and professional ethics more generally. I am particularly interested in the ethical issues that arise when medical interventions, ranging from transplantable organs to experimental antibiotics, are provided under conditions of scarcity and economic inequality. These issues include priority-setting, exploitation, incentives, and externalities. 

In my dissertation, “Moving Toward Fairness: Normative Aspects of Social and Economic Mobility,” I investigated how existing social policies, such as unemployment insurance and bankruptcy law, promote or prevent socioeconomic mobility, and critically examined the justifications for such policies. I am currently working to apply the account of mobility developed in the dissertation to problems of health insurance design. Below is a word cloud of the dissertation:

Word cloud of dissertation

My research also encompasses other areas of political philosophy and applied ethics, such as democratic deliberation and the role responsibilities of professionals, as well as health law and related legal topics. Additionally, I have an active teaching and research interest in philosophy of race and feminist philosophy.