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Price List for Services

The prices listed below are for Georgetown University faculty and staff (or affiliated) customers only. Pricing for off-campus clients, please add 15%. Payment may be charged to a current University budget or grant number (GMS cost code) or may be made by cash, check or GU-issued GoCard, or personal credit card (MasterCard and VISA). MedStar departments may supply a purchase order at the time of ordering. If paying by personal Credit Card, we are required to charge DC Sales tax.

We are happy to supply estimates for services priced at an hourly rate.

Graphics Services

Includes the design of exhibits, signs, brochures, flyers, booklets, logos, poster sessions, poster titles, web development and design, graphics for presentations, meeting signage, trimming and mounting of materials.

Large-Format Printing: Roll-up scientific displays, posters, signs, large banners. We can output up to a 44" x 75" paper size. We print from client files in PageMaker, PowerPoint, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Word, TIFFs or JPEGs, or from PDFs.

For client-designed posters, we offer three qualities of poster prints:

The Economy Poster Print. This is charged at $6/square foot. The inks are not waterproof, so make sure you keep posters away from moisture. These posters are great for one-time use at meetings, for example. Only PowerPoint files accepted. Maximum poster size of 36" in shortest dimension. Please bring in a black and white proof print on 8 1/2" x 11" so we can compare fonts, text flow, images, etc. Common poster sizes and pricing for this quality print:

  • 3 x 5-foot poster = $90
  • 36" x 56" = $84
  • 3 x 6 foot poster = $108

The Premium Poster Print. This poster is charged at $12/square foot for white or light backgrounds, and $14/square foot for solid color backgrounds which use more ink. This better quality printer uses Ultrachrome inks that are waterproof and light-resistant. Perfect for posters you wish to display for weeks or even years. Common poster sizes and pricing for this quality print (light backgrounds):

3 x 5-foot poster = $180;
36" x 56" = $168
3 x 6-foot poster = $216

The Synthetic 'foldable' Poster Print. This poster material can be folded down to a small size. Wrinkles are minimized when the poster is put up. The synthetic poster is charged at the same rate as the 'Premium' poster.

Designed-by-us: $75/hour design (scientific poster design averages $140) + final print @ $12/sq ft or $14/sq ft depending on ink coverage. Free PDF proof print. If you are unsure how your colors will appear in the final, or if you need a large proof for reviewing your text, you may request a proof on our large-format printer (about 18" wide): $12

Shipping tubes or storage tubes: For posters 37" wide or smaller, we can provide a Fed-Ex-type three-sided white cardboard tube for transport: $5 each

Design of charts, graphs and other technical diagrams: $75/hour

Graphic design for brochures, flyers, presentations, display: Cost is based upon complexity, content and scope. $75/hr

Tent name cards for business meetings: $15 each

Mounting of other materials (posters, figures, etc.): $65/hour

For oversize mounting and lamination of materials, costs will be supplied upon request.

Illustration Services

Includes the conception and rendering of original medical and scientific illustration for publication, presentation and the web. Turn-around time ranges from 1-4 weeks depending upon project complexity and workload.

Medical, technical illustration, diagrams and other figures: $75/hr

Digital Imaging Services

Includes the imaging of client-created files -- prints, slide scanning, X-rays, etc.

Scanning of slides, negs, X-rays, flat materials:Digital files made from your originals. TIFF or JPEG files burned to CD or copied to your ZIP disk. (Turn-around time is 2-3 days depending on volume)

  • Slide scans: $5 per slide (PowerPoint quality)
  • For scanning of batches of 75 or more slides: $3 per slide, 5-7 business days.
  • X-rays, CTs, MRIs, large flat materials: $10
  • To burn to CD: add $5

Scanning of opaque and transparent originals larger than 12" x 17: $75/hr

Color, B&W, Grayscale Prints from Digital Files: 5x7: $6 per print;
8x10: $10 per print (turn around time is 3 to 4 business days); custom size: $14 per square foot.