Digital Imaging Services (of client-created files)

  • Printing of client-created roll-up poster sessions
  • Printing of signs and posters (including easel posters)
  • Scanning of x-rays, slides, negs, book figures
  • CD archiving of digital files

Medical Illustration

  • Medical illustration, diagrams, and charts for print, presentation, the web

Graphics & Design

  • Publication design (brochures, newsletters, booklets, announcements, certificates, mailers, patient-ed materials, etc.)
  • Poster/signage design and production
    (signs for easel displays, table-top exhibits, conferences, promotion)
  • Poster session design and assistance
  • Poster title banners (traditional on poster board)
  • PowerPoint presentations and template designs
  • Website design and graphics
  • Mounting and lamination of flat materials