Payment Procedures

Purchase Order - Based Payments

With GMS, Georgetown University requires purchase orders for most invoice payments. PO-based Invoices must be sent to the following address:

Georgetown University
Accounts Payable
2121 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 400
PO Box 571165
Washington, DC 20057

PO-based invoices, if sent by Georgetown University department administrators, may also be emailed to campus specific email inboxes as a PDF document. 

University personnel are advised begin using GMS Purchase Orders immediately, and ensure that PO-based invoices are sent directly to Accounts payable, as above. Sending PO-based invoices elsewhere will delay payment processing and increase the risk of errors. 

Suppliers may continue to submit PO-based invoices to the inbox.

In general, Supplier Invoices greater than $500 will not be paid unless they are associated with a valid PO (Cost Center Buyers will be required to create Purchase Orders retroactively to enable payment).

To view submitted payment requests
To view the status of your request, you can go to the following Box folders and search by Campus for your specific request:

If you have an additional question about the status of your payment request email or call 202-687-4848. 

Please do not submit duplicate requests.
Other Payments

Small Invoices (<$500)
Small invoices for non-contract and non-PO related expenses may be submitted to Accounts Payable by University Personnel with a completed Small Invoice Form attached. One form per invoice is required. 

For faster processing, please scan the invoice and combine it with the form into a single PDF file. 

If the invoice has an invoice number, please save the document with the following naming convention: 

RequesterLastName_Payee_Supplier Invoice Number_MMDDYY
(For example: "Smith_Pfizer_Inv003815_032515")

Then, email the saved file as an attachment to one of the campus specific email addresses:

Miscellaneous Payments
Payment requests (for purposes such as Honoraria, Pre-approved Legal and Professional Services Expenses, Non-Employee Reimbursements, etc.) must be sent to Accounts Payable for processing using a Miscellaneous Payment Form

Miscellaneous Payment forms and required documentation may be sent combined into a single PDF file using the following naming convention:

(For example: "Buckley_250_Jones_031515)

The PDF document then can be emailed as an attachment to the appropriate campus specific email addresses:

One form per request is required.