The topic of how the Western world relates to the majority world (a term used to describe countries formerly referred to as “developing” or “Third World”) will be the theme of the LACI lecture and discussion series this fall. The “The Majority World and the West” sessions will feature speakers from all over the world and are open to the public free of charge.
    The “Liberal Arts and Critical Issues” course is a required part of the general education program taken by students their senior year. Sessions meet each Monday during the fall semester from 5:00-6:00 pm and a repeat presentation from 7:30-8:30pm in Room 105 of the Hoover Academic Building.
    This course is designed to encourage students to integrate their specialized knowledge and general education with Christian faith, in the context of addressing a public issue of current significance. The course explores how various disciplinary approaches to discerning truth may contribute to collaborative social action. Students will participate in groups to research the chosen public issue and formulate an action proposal. Individual students will be asked to formulate their own statement of faith, learning, and professional integration.

Articles and videos introducing the topic and links to world news sites and reference pages. 

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Greg Mortenson Controversy, Central Asia Institute - Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools.

Resources covering children, child soldiers, and slavery/human trafficking.

Resources analyzing economic across the globe. Includes economic analysis on the efficiency of international aid.

Resources on education around the world. 

Resources on the environment including city building, oil, global warming, etc.

Global Church
Resources on the global Church, mission work, persecution, and the Church's involvement in international affairs.

Includes resources on disease, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, hunger, use of technology in international medicine, etc.

Resources discussing human rights, governments with human rights violations, and solutions. 

A list of the UN's Millennium Goals and articles discussing the campaign.

A non-comprehensive list of some of the largest and most commonly known non-governmental organizations.

On the Lighter Side
Miscellaneous information of interest.

Resources on refugees and immigration across the world, including US policy.

US Foreign Aid and International Politics
Resources detailing the US government's international aid programs and policies. 

Resources on women and gender around the world, including feminism and women in warfare.