Assignment Overview

Historical documents are a link to the past, a way for us to communicate with a writer in Enlightenment France or a soldier in the trenches of World War I. However, primary sources are rarely straight forward. Therefore, as you use the primary documents, remember that you may have to look below the surface to gain the true meaning. All documents can be found in the links in foxtale.  You will need to complete a 250-word response for each question.
How discussions are evaluated:
Each answer is worth 20 points.
~minus 10-15 points for not using the document. If there are two documents for a single question, then it would be minus 5-10 for each document not used
~minus 2-9 points for not adequately using the document(s)
~minus 2-9 points for an answer that is substantially too short or does not attempt to answer the question
~minus 1 point for each week for not including in text page references (Cole, p. 23). So in the third week of class, this incurs a 3 point penalty.
~minus 1 point for 3-5 spelling/grammar mistakes
~minus 2 points for 6-8 spelling/grammar mistakes
~minus 3 points for 9-10 spelling/grammar mistakes
~minus 5 points for more than 10 spelling/grammar mistakes

Each week students will need to complete one or two chapter quizzes. These are open book.  Please see foxtale for specific quiz assignments.

Other Activities
There will be in class activities and occasional films that students must watch before class.  Please see foxtale for dates and instructions.

There will be three non-comprehensive exams for this class.  The first will focus on the period from 1648-1815, the second on 1815 to 1914, and the third from 1914 to present.