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  Autun Catheral @ccorning

Most weeks, students will need to read primary documents and answer assigned questions.    All written discussions are due by the start of class and are done in Foxtale.  You need to complete a 1/2 page to 3/4 page for each answer.  Each answer is worth 20 points.   Please make sure to bring the documents to class on discussion days.

Here is the grading criteria used to evaluate your discussions. Each answer is worth 20 points.

~minus 10-15 points for not using the document. If there are two documents for a single question, then it would be minus 5-10 for each document not used
-minus 2-9 points for not adequately using the document(s)
~minus 1 point for each week for not including in text page references (p. 23). So in the third week of class, this incurs a 3 point penalty; in the 8th week, an 8 point penalty.
~minus 1 point for 3-5 spelling/grammar mistakes
~minus 2 points for 6-8 spelling/grammar mistakes
~minus 3 points for 9-10 spelling/grammar mistakes
~minus 5 points for more than 10 spelling/grammar mistakes

Most weeks, there will be a quiz on the assigned textbook reading.  These are open book and can be found in Foxtale.

In-Class Assignments

There will be a variety of in-class assignments including movie notes, discussion and other activities.  These assignments can only be made up in the case of an excused absence

There will be 3, non-comprehensive exams for this class.  Specifics will be posted in Foxtale one week before each exam. Exam dates are located in your course schedule.