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  Autun Catheral @ccorning

**Specific instructions for assignments are in the foxtale course site**


Most weeks, there will be a quiz on the assigned textbook reading.  These are open book.

The Historian’s Craft

There will be three assignments that are focused on different aspects of the historian’s craft. For each of these, there will be assigned documents that you must read before class.  Then students will work in small groups on assigned questions.

Primary Document Analyses

There will be three assignments where students must complete a written answer on assigned primary documents.  These are due by the start of class.  

In-Class Assignments

There will be a variety of in-class assignments including movie notes, discussions and other activities.  


There will be 3, non-comprehensive exams for this class.  Specifics will be posted in Foxtale one week before each exam. Exam dates are located in your course schedule.