Modern Russia
 HIST 360, Winter/Spring 2018

'There is nothing more difficult to take
in hand, more perilous to conduct, or
more uncertain in its success than to
take the lead in a new order of things'

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Course Description
With the dramatic events in the former Soviet Union in the past twenty-five years, comprehending the history of this area is crucial to understanding the challenges that Russia faces as it attempts to regain a position of global influence. Due to the fact that since 1945, if not from the Russian Revolution, the US has been distrustful and, at times, fearful of the 'Red Menace', general knowledge of Russia has often been slanted and oversimplified. One aspect of this class will be the attempt to look at the former Soviet Union in a more balanced light highlighting both the successes and the failures of this experiment. This course is an introductory survey of Russia and the USSR from Peter the Great to the collapse of the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia, focusing on 20th century developments. Political history will be emphasized, but economic, social and cultural history will not be ignored.

Course Outcomes
By the end of this course, students should:
1. have a basic understanding of the history and development of Modern Russia
2. be able to explore the the complex intersection of myth and reality in the primary source material available
3. have improved their academic skills in the areas of critical analysis, writing, oral communication and organization.

Transferable Skills
~Ability to analyze primary and secondary material from multiple viewpoints
~Ability to use information from complex sources to create historical arguments
~Understand the ways in which historical developments have shaped current events

Required Texts
~Thompson, Russia and the Soviet Union, 8th edn. (ISBN: 978-08133-49855
~Hoshschild, The Unquiet Ghost (
ISBN: 978-0618257478)
~Garrels, Putin Country (ISBN: 978-1250118110)

Attendance, current news updates and participation - 15%
Discussions - 20%
Unquiet Ghost Paper - 15%
Putin Country Paper - 10%
Mid-Term Essay - 20%
Final Essay - 20%

Late Policy
(for unexcused absences)
All assignments will be discounted 10% per day unless absence is excused.

Please note that this university has a no tolerance policy regarding cheating and plagiarism. Use of another person's exact words without quote marks and/or reference is plagiarism, as is restating another person's ideas but not providing a reference to indicate that it is not your own. If you have any questions, see your Student Handbook or talk to me. 

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