Voting Justifications

Remember: You need to choose 6 committee proposals and 4 League resolutions for your Justifications.

Committee justifications due on the last day of class; League justifications due at final

For each Proposal/Resolution Summary you will need to provide the following information:

1) Name of proposal/resolution and sponsoring country

2) At least two reasons why you voted the way you did.

3) Whether any reasonable changes could have been made to this proposal so that your country would have supported it.


Sample Proposal/Resolution Voting Summary

1) Need to diversify the Middle Eastern Economies, Yemen

2) As the delegate from Oman, I would support the general idea of this resolution, but I do not like the delegate's suggestion to invite foreign investment, especially from the United States, in order to help build a broader industrial base.

a) As Oman is quickly running out of oil, we need to diversify the economy as soon as possible, however, by attempting to use foreign investment resources, we will be depending too much on the goodwill of foreign business to reinvest profits in the local economy rather than exploit our people.

b) As Oman is not as industrialized as some countries and does not have the surplus labor base of say Egypt, we believe that foreign investors would not be focusing investment in our country and once again the larger, more populous states would dominate the region.

4) Oman might have been willing to support this had it called for an economic union of states in the Middle East to compete with tthe US and European Union rather than asking for foreign investment.