Joe Jackson
Briefing paper: Egypt Social/Cultural

What is the population of your country?
-80,471,869 (July 2010 est.)(

What percentage of the country is under 14, between 15 and 64, and over 65?
-0-14 years: 33% (male 13,308,407/female 12,711,900)
-15-64 years: 62.7% (male 25,138,546/female 24,342,230)
-65 years and over: 4.3% (male 1,546,774/female 1,818,778) (2010 est.)(

What is the ethnic make up of your country?
-Egyptian 99.6%, other 0.4% (2006 census)(

What is the religious make up of your country?
-Muslim (mostly Sunni) 90%, Coptic 9%, other Christian 1%

What is the literacy rate?
-total population: 71.4%
-male: 83%
-female: 59.4% (2005 est.)(

What is the maternal mortality rate?
-84 deaths/100,000 births (

What is the infant mortality rate?
-26.2 deaths/1,000 live births(

What is the life expectancy for men and women?
-male: 69.82 years
-female: 75.1 years (2010 est.)(

Approximately how many years do boys go to school?  How many years do girls attend school?
-total: 11 years (2004)(

What is the status of women in your country?
-In rural and middle class population women are considered to be inferior to men and continue to fill the role of submissive housewife and child barer.

Does your country have a drug problem?
 -An alarming increase in drug use/trafficing since the 1980s in Egypt has been reported in cocaine, heroin, opium, and hashish.(

Does your country have problems with AIDS/HIV or any other major infectious disease?
People living with HIV/AIDS: 9,200 (2007 est.)(
Deaths/year:  fewer than 500 (2007 est.)(

-Major Infectious diseases:
degree of risk: intermediate
food or waterborne diseases: bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever
vectorborne disease: Rift Valley fever
water contact disease: schistosomiasis
note: highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza has been identified in this country; it poses a negligible risk with extremely rare cases possible among US citizens who have close contact with birds (2009)(

What is the relationship between religion and the public sector in your country?

-The majority of the population is practicing Muslims thus creating a parallel public relationship between the public and religion.

Does your country have a refugee problem?
-No: -0.21 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2010 est.)(

Does your country have freedom of religion, press, speech?
-Egypt has poor human rights and violates their freedom of press and speech on a constant basis as well as having a double standard with reference to Coptic’s/Christians.  According to the US Department of State in 2008.

Does your country have any issues with trafficking in persons?
-Human trafficking for woman/child is an issue. Used for slave labor and sex trafficking. (

What are three current social/cultural issues in your country?
-Coptic Christians claim there is inequality based on religious beliefs between Muslims and the minority populations of Coptic Christians. Coptic’s claim this governmentally as well as socially. Seen especially in the difference between permission required to build a church vs. a mosque.
-Legal vs. illegal understandings of certain religious standpoints such a divorce and remarriage being considered unacceptable for Coptic’s yet accepted by the Muslim based law system.

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