Q: Who is the head of state in your country?  How long has he/she been in power?
A: The head of state, or the prime minister of Iraq is Jalal Talabani. He has been in office since April 6th, 2005.
Source: Wikipedia

Q: What type of government does your country have?
A: Defined as an Islamic, Democratic, federal parliamentary republic, but is undergoing major changes and strong pushes for new gov.
Source: Wikipedia

Q: Which countries in the Middle East are your major allies?
A: Iraq has no major allies in the Middle East right now. Negotiations to ally with Iran have been going on for awhile and may happen within the year. Iraq’s major ally is USA.
Source: Wikipedia

Q: Which countries world-wide are your major allies?
A: United States of America
Source: Wikipedia

Q: What major international organizations does your country belong to?
A: Iraq belongs to the United Nations
Source: Department of State, Government Website

Q: What are three major political issues that your country is dealing with at this time?
A: 8 months have passed since election and still no political part has taken control because the vote was not won by any majority. No form of government has taken shape as well. The last issue being that the voters are voting based on ethnic issues instead of preference of political parties.
Source: Wikipedia

Q: If your country has political parties, what are they and what do they stand for?
A: Iraq is a multi party state. Political parties are commonly grouped by ideology/ ethnic affiliation. National Iraqi Alliance, Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan, Iraq List, The Iraqis, Iraqi Turkmen Front and National Independent Cadres and Elites are all major political parties in Iraq.
Source: Wikipedia

Q: Who can vote in your country?
A: Men and Women above the age of 18
Source: Wikipedia

Q: What is the size of your military?
A:  Some 970,000 soldiers are estimated to make up the Iraq army.
Source: Wikipedia

Q: Has your country fought in any wars in the last 10 years?
A: Yes. The Gulf War and the Iraq War.
Source: Wikipedia

Q: When did your country become independent?
A: 1932 from Britain
Source: Wikipedia

Q: When did it last revise its constitution?
A: Sept. 18th 2005
Source: Wikipedia

Q: Which countries does it view as a threat or does it have conflicts with?
A: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan and Turkey

Q: What is the relationship between religion and the government/public sector in your country?
A: Relationships between the two are the reason for the differences and main political parties. Most political parties are very dependent on their specific religious beliefs.
Source: Wikipedia

Q: In reality, does your country have freedom of the press, assembly and speech?
A: Yes. Many articles are posted, assemblies formed and words spoken that would be deemed as controversial to the new fragile government.
Source: Wikipedia