Middle East League

 Throughout the semester you will be preparing for the League which will take place at the end of the semester

1. You need to chose a country which you would like to represent and a specific category (political OR economic OR cultural/social). For example, Jordan economics, or Israel politics. You will keep the same country throughout the semester.

2. As a diplomat from your country, you will need to read newspapers from "home" and update the class on current issues

3. Each student will work with the other diplomats from their country to create a dossier for the other diplomats in the class.  This will provide information on the structure and issues in your country.

4. You need to prepare a proposal for the committee on an issue that you believe needs the common cooperation of the Middle Eastern countries.

5. For the committee meetings, students will need to prepare a voting justification for 5 committee proposals. See the specific section on voting justification for additional information.

6.  Students will spend the last two weeks of class in committee meetings discussing proposals.  These meetings are MANDATORY.   Your grade will be negatively influenced if you have an unexcused absence. 

7.  Each committee will choose 2 proposals which passed the committee to send on as potential resolutions to the full League. The League will meet during finals.   THIS MEETING IS ALSO MANDATORY.  Your grade will be negatively influenced if you miss this meeting. 

8.  Students must prepare voting justification for 6 league resolutions. Additional information can be found in the section on voting justification forms.

In summary, as a delegate you will:

~provide current news updates throughout the semester
~research and prepare a dossier
~create a proposal for the committee
~participate in committee and league meetings
~prepare a justification of your voting record.