Modern Middle East
(HIST 340)

Autumn 2010

"In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful" Qur'an 1:1

Dr. Caitlin Corning Syllabus: https://sites.google.com/a/georgefox.edu/modern-middle-east/
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Course Description

This course is a survey of Middle Eastern history focusing primarily on the modern period, though important issues, such as the rise of Islam and the Islamic invasions, the Crusades, and the rise of the Ottoman Empire will not be ignored. Students will have the opportunity to gain specific knowledge on their specialty country along with the Middle East in general. Though a political framework will be established economic, cultural and religious issues will also be studied.

Course Objectives

1. To assist students in gaining a general understanding of the history and culture of the Middle East

2. To ensure the students gain an understanding of the current controversies and concerns in the region.

3. To improve reading, writing and oral communication skills.

Required Texts

Goldschmidt and Davidson, A Concise History of the Middle East, 9th edn (2010)

Khater, Sources in the History of the Modern Middle East, 2nd edn (2011)


Attendance, participation, news
Discussion Papers
Mid-term Exam 15%
Objective Final 10%
Middle East League 50%
Briefing Paper
Proposal 10%
Final Assessment 20%

Late Policy

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In class work: If an absence is not excused, these assignments cannot be made up

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