Research Paper

DUE April 8
For this assignment, you need to choose a topic that concerns the medieval period (500-1500) and write a 8-10 page paper. 
You need to have an paper that is well-written and argued.  It must include an introductory and concluding papagraph, clear thesis, smooth transitions and correct grammar, spelling and syntax.  You need to have at least 8 sources.  No secondary source published before 1980 can be used without permission by the professor.  Older primary source translations are fine.    You need to demonstrate knowledge of up-to-date articles about your topic where available (check the International Medieval Bibliography for these)
Please use footnotes and bibliography in Turabian (Chicago Manual of Style).  Copies of this format are available online or on reserve in the library.
For the two draft bibliographies, you will need to turn in a sheet a paper with your thesis and a list of resources that you have found.  The second bibliography should show sources that are more focused as you narrow down your topic.