MidTerm Exam

DUE: Oct 8 in class

For this exam, please answer one of the following questions.  Your essay should be 5-6 pages long and include correct grammar, syntax and citations.  You only need to include a bibliography if you use outside sources.

Please reference as follows: 

Textbook: (Rosenwein, p. #)
Sourcebook: (Sourcebook, p. #)
Handout: (Name of handout, p#)
Notes: (Notes)
Moves: (Vikings)

1. Early Medieval Europe is often referred to as a synthesis of Roman, Germanic and Christian ideas/cultures. Identify and assess the legacy of each of these areas in Early Medieval Europe.

2. The period between 400-1000 witnessed the fragmentation of the Roman Empire in the West into a number of successor kingdoms. By 1000, the predecessors of the modern European countries were beginning to emerge. Analyze what you believe are the factors which contributed to the increasing unification and stability of some of the kingdoms and to the apparently never ending fragmentation of others.

3. Early Medieval Europe faced two major series of invasions, first by the Germanic tribes in the 4-6th centuries and then the Vikings, Hungarians and Muslims in the 8-10th centuries. Discuss the similarities and differences between these two waves of invasions and assess the impact of these invasions upon Europe.

4. Evaluate the roles and contributions of the Church in the creation of Early Medieval Europe.

5. One of the issues emphasized so far this semester has been the increasing separation between East and West. Looking back from the 11th c., what are the most important steps in this process so far. You must justify your choices.

Students are welcome to propose a question of their own, but this MUST be approved by the professor.