Medieval Europe

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Course Description

This course is a survey of Medieval Europe from the transformation of the Roman Empire in the 5th century through the late Middle Ages.  The emphasis in this course will be on political, economic, and Church history, though other areas will not be ignored.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should have:
1. a general knowledge of the events and developments in Medieval Europe.

2. a foundation for understanding later developing in European history.

3. a better understanding of the types of sources available to historians as they attempt to understand Medieval Europe.

Career Skills
~Analyzing complex documents, including problems of bias and provenance
~Understanding the importance of context and cause/effect
~Conducting historical research and assessing the best way to present findings
~Clearly presenting historical analyses, both written and oral


Rosenwein, A Short History of the Middle Ages, 4rd ed.

Grade Assessment

Participation                   10%
Discussions                    15%
(discussion sheets
 and group
Research Project             25%
Mid-term                        25%
Final                               25%

Late Policy
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  • Exams/Papers: If an absence is not excused, late work is penalized 10% per day.

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