Final exam


Write a 5 page answer to the essay question posed below.  You must demonstrate an understanding of the material contained in your textbook, lectures, primary documents and documentaries by specifically using examples from these sources where applicable.  This is a formal essay and should have introductory and concluding paragraphs, correct grammar and syntax, a clear argument and chronology, and correct citations.

1. Examine development of royal power in the high and late Middle Ages. Make sure to highlight general similarities and differences between the major kingdoms we have discussed.

2. As mentioned throughout this class, the church consciously attempted to create a "Christian society" in the Middle Ages. Focusing on the period from 1000-1400, evaluate where you believe the Church was successful and where it failed in creating such a society.

3. Discuss the organization and changes in medieval economy, society and culture in the period from 1000-1350. In what ways was the Europe of 1350 different from that at the beginning of the millennium? Where appropriate, explain connections between these three areas of the Middle Ages.

4. Analyze the most important similarities and differences between the early and high Middle Ages.

Students are welcome to propose an alternative question, but this must be approved by the professor.