General Resources and Basic Islamic Beliefs
Doctrines, history, divisions of Islam; online versions of the Qur'an; general information on Muslim Americans; national societies
General resources; Western portrayals of Arabs/Muslims; television/radio stations and newspapers

General resources; hate crimes/discrimination towards US Muslims/Arabs.

Economics and Banking
Articles on Islamic banking; links to individual banks; other economic issues

Shari'a and Fiqh 
Islamic Law

Links to national organziations; individual articles on issues of Halal

General resources; national organizations; articles

Muslim Family
Children; Teens and Young Adults; Marriage and Divorce

Islamic Popular Culture
Popular magazines; Hip-Hop and popular music; fashion; Arab American and Muslim American Comedians; misc

Interfaith Issues
Organizations; articles


Radical Islam/Terrorism
Background; organizations identified as terrorist by the US State Department; Muslim condemnations of terrorism

Writings from and about the Guest Speakers

Material on Reserve or Available in the Library

Greater Portland Mosques, Islamic Societies and Schools