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Personal Theology Paper

DUE April 11 at the beginning of class.
Throughout this course, you have been learning about different christian denominations and beliefs.  It is now time for you to tell me what you think about certain issues. 

This paper should be about 4 pages long.  You need to support your ideas Biblically and theologically.  You need to clearly explain to me why you regard your ideas as true and correct reflections of Christianity.  All questions must be answered.  You do not need to provide introductory or concluding paragraphs.  Each question may be answered in its own section without transitions.

1.  Who/what has the authority to interpret the word of God?  What authority or process should be used when Christians come to contradictory interpretations? 

2. This question ties into the previous one and may be answered together.  Who/what should lead the church?  What qualifications and structure is needed?

3.  Explain salvation.  How does Christ's death on the cross save us?  What is our role in salvation? Is it possible to loose your salvation? With which Atonement theory do you most agree?

4. Christians believe that we should have Christ not just as savior but as Lord.  What does it mean to make Christ lord of your life?  What are the most important aspects of this in the way a person lives their daily life?
For Non-Christian students:  Please write a 3-4 page paper discussing how you decide what is the correct moral position on controversial issues.