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Denomination Paper

DUE March 3 at the beginning of class.

For this paper, you need to research your faith tradition. 

~If you are Catholic or Orthodox, you should research the history of your parish.

~If you are not a Christian, you can choose any denomination to research.

~If your church is a non-denominational one, you may need to contact the pastor/minister/elders, etc. in order to adequately answer all questions. 

~If your church is part of a denomination, you need to research your specific sub-denomination.  Southern Baptist, not just Baptist; United Methodist, not Methodists.  Some denominations such as Foursquare or Calvary have not split so there are not sub-denomination.

Please provide a bibliography and use footnotes. 

This paper should be about 4 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font.   All questions must be answered.  You do not need to provide introductory or concluding paragraphs.  Each question may be answered in its own section without transitions.
1.  Who founded your denomination/church?  Why did he/she/they feel that another church/denomination was needed?    What is distinctive about your church/denomination that sets it apart from others?
2.  What is your denomination/church's teaching on salvation? What are its views on predestination and freewill?  What is its teaching on the atonement?
3. What authority or process should be used when Scripture appears to contradict or when Christians come to contradictory interpretations?  How does your denomination/church determine what positions to take on controversial issues (homosexuality, women's ordination, remarriage in the church for those who are divorced, etc.)?  I want to know the procedure used, not your church's standing on these issues

4.  How does your church interpret/understand baptism and the Eucharist/Lord's Supper/Communion? What biblical/theological support do they use to support these ideas?