Students are required to take a pretest.  This is a pass/no pass test that aims to assist students in thinking about some of the issues that will be discussed in class.  The test can be found in foxtale by clicking on the "pretest" link in your course site.  This is due by 9pm on Januray 17th.

Discussion Responses
On the dates indicated in the schedule, students should go to foxtale, read the assigned documents.  For those discussions marked "in class only" students are required to read the documents and be prepared to discuss them.  For all other discussions, read the documents and write a one to two page response to the posed questions.  These are due by the beginning of class.

Denomination Paper
Students are required to compose a 4-page paper summarizing some of the major beliefs of their history faith tradition.  Please see the "Denomination Paper" section of your syllabus for details.

Personal Theology Paper
Students are required to write a 4-page paper summarizing their own beliefs on a number of theological questions.  Please see the "Personal Theology Paper" section of your syllabus for more details.

There are three exams for this class.  Each is non-comprehensive

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