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Midterm exam

Due: October 31 

For the take home exam, compose an essay answering one of the questions below. You must show an understanding of the material presented in class as well as your textbook and documents by directly citing information. The paper should be approximately 5 pages in length and must be typed, double-spaced. Your answer should include correct grammar, syntax, organization and referencing. Late work will be penalized 5 points per day, except in cases of extended illness or a family emergency. Please attach the rubric to the top of your exam. EXAM IS DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS

Please reference material as follows:
Textbook (Fraser, pp.)
Documents from Sourcebook (Document author/title, paragraph/section number. )
Documents handed out (author, pp. )
Notes (notes)

1. The history of Roman Britain was one of transition for the native inhabitants of the Isle.  Discuss the most important influences of Rome on Britain and the issues historians face when attempting to reconstruct the 4-6th centuries.

2. The conversion of Anglo-Saxons was an extremely important event in English history. Examine what you believe are some of the greatest challenges the church faced in this period and how well they responded. What do you see as the most negative and positive result of the integration of Anglo-Saxon and Christian culture?

3. The period of the Vikings along with that of Alfred the Great and his successors was critical in the history of England. Discuss the challenges caused by the Vikings and how effectively Alfred and his successors met these. What were the long term influences of the Viking invasions?

4. Compare and contrast Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England analyzing what you believe to be the more important changes and continuations by William and his successors. These issues can have negative or positive influences in England, but must be instrumental in how Anglo-Norman England developed.

5. Looking at England between the period of William the Conquer and John, where are the strengths of the realm and where are the weaknesses? Overall how successful were the kings of England in this period?

6. The conflict between the Church, State and the nobility had been building for quite some time by the reigns of John and Henry III. What are the key issues for each party? Evaluate whether or not it would have been realistically possible to reach a solution which would have resolved the fighting between these different sectors. Support your answer with specifics.

Students are welcome to propose a topic of their own but it MUST be approved by the professor


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