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Research Assignment

For this assignment, you will research an area of English history between the arrival of the Romans in Britain to 1688.   You need to use at least 12 sources.  No secondary source published before 1975 can be used unless approved by the professor.  Your final project should be the equivalent to an 8-10 page research paper.  A complete bibliography, using Turabian, must be included in your project.

For the medieval period, journal articles can be found in the International Medieval Bibliography.  For the period after 1450, see Historical Abstracts.  Neither of these databases is full-text so you will need to order in your materials.

For this project you can use any format you want to convey the information.  A traditional paper is fine as is Prezi, Powerpoint, Pinterest, Educreation, ShowMes, Movenote, Google sites, Google docs, a video, an oral presentation in class, an audio recording, a blog, a script, etc.