Final Exam

For this exam, you need to choose one of the questions below and complete a 5-page, typed answer.  You need to demonstrate an understanding of the material presented in lecture, films, discussion, and the textbook.  You work must include correct grammar, syntax and referencing

Please cite as follows:
textbook: Price
documents: author and page number
movie: subject of film
lecture: lecture
1.  The Roman Republic was an unprecedented political experiment since, as far as we know, no country had yet tried this form of government.   Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Roman Republican system, indicating if this was a strength and weakness throughout the period of the Republic or only at certain times.

2.  While the Roman Republic lasted about 475 years, it did eventually fall.  For this question, discuss the fall of Republican Roman highlighting what you see as the most important events/developments.

3.  Examine the successes and failures of the Roman Empire, indicating if each strength and weakness existed throughout the period or only at certain times.

4.  Discuss the major Roman values and how these influenced Roman culture and politics.

5.  The Church was in a very transformative period during Roman Empire.  Compare and contrast the period to 313 with that from Constantine to the 5th century.  What do you see as the major issues and challenges within these periods?