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For this exam, compose an answer to one of the questions below.  Your answer must be approximately 5 pages and include correct grammar, syntax and referencing.  Please use in text references or footnotes.  You will be assessed on your use of information from the text, lectures, documents and movies where appropriate.
1.  In many ways, Enightenment ideas spread throughout Europe in ways the philosophes could never have imaginged.  Discuss the influence of hte Enlightenment from the French Revolution through the 1850's highlighting where the ideas were in line wit those presented by the Enlightenment philosophers and where they diverged and developed.
2.  In 1789, the French limited the power of their monarch with the beginning of the French Revolution.  By 1815, the monarchy had been restored.  Discuss the successes and failures of the Revolutionary and Nepolionic period.
3.  Clearly the Industrial Revolution radically transformed Europe.  Highlight what you see as the most important developments and changes caused by the revolution through the mid-century (1850s).  You need to justify your choices.