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About Me

Mr. Mauldin graduated from Olathe North High School in Olathe, Ks. in 1989.  While in high school I was in several performing groups, the Men's Choir, A capella Choir, and a group called the Northwinds.  This last group was just like our Swing Choir.  We sang and danced about 20 songs throughout the year.  We would perform about 5 songs at each home concert.  We would also have public performances throughout the year.  All in all we would perform about 50 performances a year. 

I went on to college at Sioux Falls College for three semesters.  I then dropped out of college to pay back some student loans.  I then started back to college in 1995 at the University of Sioux Falls. 

While at the University of Sioux Falls I performed in many different recitals, different performing groups, and working in the music department as a recording technician for all recitals.  In 1997 I was awarded the Best Performer Award in the music department.  I was also awarded the Purple Feather Award from the University in 1997.  This was an award for any student who was demonstrating leadership and good citizenship in and out of school.

The university did not have a group that sang and danced as our Swing Choir does.  However, they did have a group that performed Madrigal Dinners where those involved would perform about 28 songs from memory.  Each year this was lead by a student in the performances themselves.  I was able to be the leader of this group as a junior.  We also played hand bells as we sang a few of the songs.  This was a lot of fun and added a lot to the songs that we were performing.

I graduated with a degree in Music Education in May of 1998.   I was offered the job here in George and accepted this position in May as well.  This is the only teaching position that I have held.

I also perform with a couple of different quartets in the area.  I perform with the Teach Boys here at School.  We perform at some school functions throughout the year.  We have also sung for different activities in the area.  We sing all styles of songs with the Teach Boys, some gospel, some 50's and 60's, some traditional quartet songs, etc. 

I also sing with a group called One Way.  We perform Southern Gospel music in area churches on the weekends.  We perform around 15 times a year between these two groups.  I enjoy these groups very much. 

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