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 Current Projects

  • U.S. Landfalling Hurricane Project
    Displays landfalling hurricane information for eleven regions and 96 subregions along the U.S. coastline from Brownsville, TX to Eastport, ME. Also displayed are probabilities of landfall in 2007 based upon William Gray's seasonal forecast issued at Colorado State University. This is a joint project between the GeoGraphics Lab and Dr. Gray's Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University.

  • Automatic Vehicle Location Projects (AVL)
    This website features all of the current vehicle locational systems that are being developed; Cape Cod Transportations Partners, MetroWest Mobility Management Project, and others. Methods of collection of data include using the i355 Motorola Cell Phone using assisted GPS and using a TCP/IP Client Server architecture to obtain data off of other transit information servers. This page highlights three forms of information delivery for each project- Microsoft Virtual Earth™, Google Mapplets, and a basic web display for PDAs and other 'Smart' handheld devices.

  • Cape Cod Bus Estimated Time of Arrival System
    This system presents bus arrival time predictions.

  • Cape Cod Bus Advanced Travel Planner
    Shows the bus routes in Cape Cod and the locations of the buses in real time.

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