The Arizona LaserChron SEM Facility


The Geo Arizona SEM Laboratory consists of a Hitachi 3400N SEM equipped with a Gatan Chroma CL system and an Oxford EDS/EBSD system. We are dedicated to academic research conducted by investigators at the University of Arizona and also welcome collaborations with researchers from universities, laboratories and industry.  The instruments were acquired with funds from the US ARRA Program through the NSF EAR Instrumentation and Facilities Program.  Check out the latest updates for our lab on our What's New? page. 

We would appreciate your acknowledgment of support from NSF EAR-0929777 for acquisitions with our SEM facility in your future publications.

FOR SALE: Gatan Chroma CL system (2009) complete with computer, detector unit, mirror, Digiscan II with updated GFA card.  Please contact Dan Alberts for more information.

For pricing and image recommendations, please click here.