Overall objectives
Slovenian Geological Society (SGD) is a professional association of Slovenian geologists that brings together researchers, professional and educational workers and amateur geologists. The overall objective of SGD is contributing to the advancement of science and practice in the field of all branches of geology and related disciplines. To meet this goal, SGD performs the following activities: a) Organization of public lectures, field trips, and scientific meetings; b) Popularization of geology and integration of geological sciences in primary and secondary school curricula through popular scientific lectures, papers, brochures, exhibitions and excursions; c) Cooperation with universities, research organizations, public institutions and institutes, companies and persons whose areas of expertise involve different branches of geological sciences; d) Contribution in efforts to protect the environment; e) Contributing  to the preparation of legislative acts in the field of geology; f) Cooperation with other professional associations in Slovenia and abroad.

Structure and organization
The structure of the SGD consists of the Executive Board (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and 5 members responsible for lectures, excursions, popularisation of geology, young members and print, respectively), Supervisory Board (3 members), and Honorary Court of Arbitration (3 members). The SGD includes 3 sections for easier management, i.e. Section of Sedimentary Geology, Section of Geochemistry, Section of Mineralogy, and Section of Geological Heritage.  
Organization follows the Society's Statute according to which all Society's bodies are elected for 4 years.

Interaction with other organizations and projects 
The SGD interacts with national and international organizations as member of EFG (European Federation of Geologists), INQUA (International Union for Quaternaty Research), EMU (European Mineralogical Union), IMA (International Mineralogical Association), and SIZ (Slovenian Engineering Association). 

Recently, the SGD signed 5 collaboration agreements with EFG to be able to contribute as a third party to EFG's involvement in Horizon2020 projects (INTRAW, KINDRA, UNEXMIN, CHPM2030, INFACT). 
We have appointed 9 of our national experts to EFG's panel of experts and we elected our first Eurogeologist.

In Ljubljana, 25. January 2018                                                      For the SGD: Dr. Matevž Novak, president