If you are looking for the Geneseo 228 Professional Development Blog with agendas, calendars, etc.  CLICK HERE.  (This link used to be on the staff portal.)

Congratulations!  If you have found this page, you are a Geneseo CUSD 228 professional who is looking for ways to improve your professional practice while also taking the steps to obtain the documentation you need to support the activities you submit to ISBE through ELIS.  
Remember, since ISBE's switch to licensure renewal, you must possess either a transcript or an EOC form for every hour you record in ELIS.The goal of this site is to provide you with the procedures, links, and documents you may need to claim a variety of professional development activities.  

The page links to the left will point you to information on a variety of different professional development activity categories currently available for teachers in Geneseo CUSD 228.  

This site will be updated as ISBE changes its guidelines for professional development and licensure renewal.  This site is maintained by the Teaching and Learning Team, so please direct any questions to TLT@geneseoschools.org.

For information directly from ISBE on Licensure Renewal click HERE.

As an approved PD provider, any activities for which the district provides an EOC must meet the following PD standards as well as the Illinois Teaching and/or Learning standards.  How these are met must be explained on the 73-58 summary form for each event.  The links below take you to the full standards.