The Pitchforks/Show Choir

The Pitchforks:

The Pitchforks will be performing two songs for the spring concert: when the party's over and For Life. Recordings of voice parts for both songs will be provided below. Please practice these to prepare for the concert.

Additionally, for the safety and welfare of our students, I am cancelling the Rochester RedWings event for this year. 

Song recordings: 

Pitchforks, 2019-2020

The Pitchforks is the Geneseo high schools's coed a Capella ensemble. Members of this group have deep passion for music and an incredible work ethic. The Pitchforks perform music from a plethora of styles. See them live at the Geneseo tree-lighting ceremony, the Geneseo CSD Jazz Band/ Show Choir Concert, and at the Geneseo CSD Spring Concert!

Jazz Band/Show Choir Concerts: January 16th and May 20th @ 7:00PM
Geneseo Museum Caroling: 
Geneseo Tree-Lighting Event: 
Caroling at Morgan Estates: during school
Lakers Hockey Game: 
FAB Talent Show: 
Rochester Red Wings Performance:

Pitchforks Audition Results

Thank you for your hand work and dedication to this audition process! The talent in Geneseo is overflowing! If you were not picked to be in the ensemble this year, it is not because you are untalented or performed poorly. The competition for the ensemble was incredibly fierce this year and the committee worked together to make this decision. Thank you again!


Ms. Howard, Mrs. Kulzer, and Mr. Antonucci

* = soloist for Chandelier

Soprano:                                                    Alto:

Addy Capel*                                             Bella Thomas*
Mary Chanler                                            Izzy Granger
Shayna Brady                                            Lili Loughlin
Ciara Kingston                                          Claire Halstead
Ayla Ray                                                   Olivia Videtti
                                                                  Brynn Videtti

Tenor:                                                        Bass:
Isaac Post                                                  James Thomas
Bradley Adams                                         Nick Rivers
Joey DeBell                                               Josh Matthews
Show Choir:

Show Choir has learned two dances (I'll Be There and Thriller) and three songs for our Michael Jackson Medley. A video will be uploaded here of the dance to Rock With You. Please go to this site to find the video. Additionally, voice part recordings will be made of Man in the Mirror and We Are The World, and our other three songs in the medley. Dances for these two pieces will unfortunately be cut, but please prepare them to sing at the concert!

Dance videos:

A message from our choreographer, Regina:
Hey guys! I hope you all are staying healthy! Since we’ve started this “break”, I finished choreographing the medley, and finalized your formations. I won’t be changing anything on you anymore. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself, your classmates, Miss Howard and me a favor, and watch these videos. Learn the moves to the ones we haven’t learned, and review the ones we have! Learning these while we are not at school will save SO much time when we go back!

I miss you guys, and if you have any questions or can’t read formations please let me know! My school email is

Song recordings:

Show Choir, 2020