Katharine Wiener is the Elementary School Nurse and has been for 23 years. A Registered Nurse, she is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Fairleigh Dickinson  University, and has been a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician with the Geneseo Fire Department since 1989 until recently when she became a Senior Exempt Member. She is currently a member of the Livingston County Medical Reserve Corps and an active member of the  National Association of School Nurses, the New York State Association of School Nurses and Zone 12 of the NYSASN and an American Heart CPR Instructor.  Mrs. Wiener has lived in the Village of Geneseo for over 40 years with her husband and has three children, all of whom are graduates of the Geneseo Central School District.  

Contact Information:  kathewiener@geneseocsd.org or 243-3450 X3002.                                My fax number is 243-8087.

Health is one of the important objectives of education.  Schools have a responsibility to protect and promote the health of each school age child through a positive, constructive school health program.  Included in such a program are health and safety education the maintenance of a healthful school environment, emergency care of the sick and injured, communicable disease control and provision for pupils with individual health needs.  

The School Nurse occupies a key role in the school health program.  Her functions are well delineated by the Bureau of Health Services of New York State Education Department and National Association of School Nurses and the New York State Association of School Nurses.