Chapter 8


We will now note the changes that occurred in the membership of the Company during this year, together with the names of those who died of disease contracted in the service.

Capt. James M. Culpepper was promoted to the rank of Major, to wear the star of the gallant Major William M. Arnold, killed in an artillery duel in August. This promotion was made alone upon true merit, as he was at the time, ranked by several seniors in the Regiment. The writer can, without disparagement to any one, safely bear testimony to the justice of this promotion.

There was no man at the time in the Regiment, more deserving or more entitled than was Captain Culpepper. Having learned in the discharge of his duties, to obey his superiors, he was very well prepared to take command. 1st Lieutenant Jonnathan D. Cowart was promoted Captain, to fill the vacancy made by Culpepper’s promotion. 2nd Lieutenant Jefferson M. Gray was promoted 1st Lieutenant to fill the vacancy made by Cowart’s promotion. 3rd Lieutenant Seaborn M. Hunt was promoted 2nd Lieutenant to fill the vacancy made by Gray’s promotion, and Amos W. Murray, the very faithful, efficient, and worthy Orderly Sergeant, was elected, as he justly deserved to be, 3rd Lieutenant, to the vacancy made by Hunt’s promotion. This was another step in the right direction. Sergeant Murray was one of the original members of the Company, had served faithfully, and had proven himself, on all occasions, fully equal to every task that had been laid upon him.

2nd Sergeant Isaac N. Vinson was promoted Orderly Sergeant, to fill the vacancy made by Murray’s election to the 3rd Lieutenancy. 3rd Sergeant Bryant Vinson was promoted 2nd Sergeant to fill the vacancy made by Vinson’s promotion. 4th Sergeant Richard H. Powell was promoted 3rd Sergeant to fill the vacancy made by Vinson’s promotion. 5th Sergeant Talbot G. Hammock was promoted 4th Sergeant to fill the vacancy made by Powell’s promotion. 1st Corporal Henry B. Vinson was promoted 5th Sergeant to fill the vacancy made


by Hammock’s promotion. 2nd Corporal John I. Harris was promoted 1st Corporal, to fill the vacancy made by Vinson’s promotion. 3rd Corporal Reuben A. Kilby was continued, and 4th Corporal James F. McDonald was promoted 2nd Corporal to fill the vacancy made by Harris’ promotion, and Private William T. Collins was elected 4th Corporal, to fill the vacancy made by McDonald’s promotion.

Private Jonnathan F. Coussins was promoted to the position of Regimental Ensign, with the rank and pay of 1st Lieutenant of Infantry. He held this position to the close of the war; carrying the colors aloft in the last battle east of the Mississippi River.

This was another promotion well merited. There was no man in the Regiment more deserving, or more justly entitled. Private Benjamin L. Powell died 24th of June, of consumption, supposed to have been contracted in the service, on account of long exposure to the rigors of winter, incident to Virginia climate.


NOTE.--We omitted to mention at the proper time and place, that Private William C. Gray was killed by a Federal sharp-shooter on the 6th of July, and, also, that Private W. J. Davidson was killed at Ocean Pond on the 20th of February.