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Reeves Homeplace

This is an artist's depiction of the old 2-story James Milton Reeves homeplace as recollected by a relative who grew up there. Note that there was a small schoolhouse across the road from it. Do you know the name and history of the schoolhouse? It seems like an odd place to put it, away from a major thoroughfare, but a living relative has verified to me that it existed.
Submitted by Paul Reeves

Reeves, James Milton

James Milton Reeves, my g-grandfather, who built a home on what is now an extension of Olive Grove Church Rd. He lived there most of his life, and is buried in the Reeves Family Cemetery behind the old home site.
Submitted by Paul Reeves

Reeves, James Milton
(in Uniform)

In his Confederate uniform and with two other unidentified veterans. It was taken at a Confederate Memorial Day Observance in Knoxville, Ga. James is the one in the middle. The date is sometime between 1865 and 1897, as James died in 1897.
Submitted by Paul Reeves

Reeves Memorial Observance

The memorial observance at the Reeves Family Cemetery on April 2, 2005. Note the two Confederate re-enactors who fired several volleys over the grave of James Milton Reeves, who served on active duty with the Georgia State Guards during the War Between the States.
Submitted by Paul Reeves

Rowland, John C. Family - Crawford Co., GA, circa 1900

Back row, left to right:
Wife of John: Julia Ann F. (Giles) b 1855, d 1924, daughter of William & Elizabeth Giles; John C. b 1852 in Crawford Co, Ga, to William J. & Rebecca (Harrison?) Rowland, d 1910 (John & Julieann buried Society Hill (Victory Baptist Church) Cemetery, Crawford Co., GA); son Henry Leonard b 1880, d 1943 (he and wife Maude Eleanor (daughter of William H. & Ann Eliza (Turner) Mathews) buried Oaklawn Cemetery, Ft. Valley, Peach, GA); son-in-law Henry Kinley/Kenneth Kneece b 1872 SC, d abt 1930 SC, daughter Anna E. (Rowland) Kneece, b 1875, d 1924, buried Jordan Chapel Cemetery, Crawford/Peach Co., GA
Front row, left to right:
daughter Beatrice Clara (Lisenby) b 1893, d 1973 (buried Macon Memorial Park Cemetery, Bibb, GA); son Lester Walter b 1890, d 1966 (he and wife Julia (daughter of Thomas & Nancy Giles) buried Oaklawn Cemetery, Ft. Valley, Peach, GA); son Ollie George b 1886 d 1943 (he and wife Ellie (daughter of Thomas & Laura Long) buried Oaklawn Cemetery, Ft. Valley, Peach, GA); grandson John H. Kneece b 1897 d 1922, buried Jordan Chapel Cemetery, Crawford/Peach Co., GA; granddaughter Lula Belle Kneece (Aultman) b 1894, d 1956, buried New River Church Cemetery, Tift, GA

Submitted by: Ellie (Rowland) Naylor
- Great granddaughter of John & Julieann, granddaughter of Henry & Maude Rowland (

Unknown Photos

Can you identify any of these?

Reeves, James Milton & ?????
This picture, which was just recently identified, appears to be a professional portrait photo of James with two of his sons. I've had it in my possession for almost 20 years, but didn't know who it was until I was given the picture above by a cousin in Upson County. I inherited the portrait photo from my father, who probably got it from his father, G.G. Reeves, son of James, who died while living with my father and mother in his old age. James is the one seated with a fiddle.  The identity of the two sons is not known at this point, but if you would be so kind as to also post it in the "Unidentified photos" section, perhaps someone will recognize the two sons.
Submitted by Paul Reeves