• Volume 1 Number 1 of Knoxville Journal bears the date of January 27, 1888, Percy V. Howell, Publisher.

  • Volume V Number 7 of The Correspondent, at Knoxville, November 28, 1895 lists E. B. Trammell as Editor and Publisher.  (He later moved to Harris County and died there)  The Correspondent's name was changed to the Roberta Tyler about 1900, and moved from Knoxville to Roberta.  Later, the name was changed again, likely to Crawford County News.

  • John H. Lowe was Editor of the paper at Roberta about 1900.  He and his wife later moved to Byron and was in banking there.

  • Steve M. Wright was also an Editor of the paper around 1900.

  • Volume 15 Number 33, 1910, Crawford County News, Roberta, lists R. M. (Robert) Reynolds as Editor and Publisher.

  • Volume 16 Number 40 also lists Reynolds as Editor and Publisher.

  • Crawford Moncrief founded The Georgia Post at Knoxville, still being published, although for a time by J. L. Taylor, at Talbotton, who had a chain of papers.

  • The News was also published for a number of years at Knoxville or Roberta with Herrin as Publisher.  The News was combined with The Georgia Post.

  • The Times was also published in Roberta for a number of years and was also combined with The Georgia Post.


Fort Valley Mirror

  • I have a scrapbook apparently kept by Virgil S. Holton (who was Crawford County Ordinary--the forerunner of Probate Judge) during the later 1800s and his wife, Anna Elizabeth Dickson Holton, who was my great-grandmother's sister. One clipping from 1878 describes a meeting of the county Democratic Executive Committee held in July, 1878 at the courthouse, and it contains the statement that a record of the proceedings "were ordered to be printed in the Fort Valley Mirror, the official organ of Crawford County." So it seems that the Mirror may have served for a time--I don't know how long, though-- as the official organ.  The Fort Valley Mirror was published "at Roberta" from 1880-81. ***** Submitted by Gina Ruth Smith

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