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Superior Court Records

August 1847 Term


The Grand Jury sworn, chosen, and selected for the county of Crawford, at the term of the Court, congratulate our fellow citizens with the cheering prospects of an abundant provision crop, and feel grateful to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, for the many blessings with which we are summoned,


It is gratifying to us as citizens of the county of Crawford, to see so few cases of crime or gross immorality are practiced by her people,


We concur in opinion with his Honor, Judge Floyd, in reference to the sitting of the Supreme Court, and here take occasion to recommend to our Senator and Representative in the ensuing Legislature, that they will urge upon the honorable body the great necessity, as we conceive it, that the Supreme Court should be held at some central point in the State, which would afford the greatest facilities to the Court Attornics (as spelled) and parties who may have business in said Court.


In consequence  of some complaints having been made to this body, we would recommend to all the Millers in the county that they  be particular in not trading or exchanging with negroes flour or corn, or corn or wheat, without the permission of the owner of that slave.


It is unanimously recommended by this Jury, that the Inferior Court withdraw their suit that is now in progress against Mr. Uriah Slappy, in the Court.


We would recommend to the Inferior Court that they would urge the Commissioners of Roads to the discharge of their duty, and that  they the Commissioners, would have the Roads worked on as early a period as possible.


We congratulate our fellow citizens of the Flint Circuit, that they have been so fortunate as to obtain the services of a man so pre-eminently qualified to preside in their Courts of Justice as our present presiding officer the Honorable John J Floyd-his promptness  in the dispatch of business the order and decorum, which he enforces during the session of the Court and also his strict  impartiality and his profound legal enudition? render him a Judge seldom equaled and nowhere surpassed. We should do violence to our own feelings and great injustice to such a presiding officer, did we withhold  the expression of our sincere thanks for his courtesy to us as Jurors, and to our highest commendations for his able administration of the law.


To the Solicitor General we return our thanks for his politeness and strict attention to this body, during  their present session of the Court, and for the ability and energy with which he has discharged his duty.


We request our resentments be published in the Georgia Journal & Messenger and Macon Telegraph.

William M Brown Foreman

PhilipScofield Reuben Keigler
George Lowman Talbot D Hammack
Archibald Blue William B Colbert
William Wood John F Market
William S Wellon Perry C Carr
Andrew J Colbert  Martin L Harp
Jackson J Clark Ebenezer Joyner
Asa Marshall  Hiram B Troutman
William L Sanders Seth Caison
Joseph Moody   Mark C Partin
Seaborn J Sanders                         Napoleon B Corbin


On motion of R. W. McCune, Solicitor General Ordered that the foregoing Presentments be published in the Georgia Journal & Messenger and Macon Telegraph, as requested.


A true extract from the Minutes        James J Ray, Clerk


William M Brown is my ancestor- Ms. Gerry Hill