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Inferior Court Records

Amos, Elijah M. Sr. - 1838-1849

1843-Mar. 6 Page 132
Court granted leave for Admin to sell all perishable property and to auction off such goods on hand as deemed most adviseable. They further appointed Joseph J. CARSON, Jacob LOWE, Martin ANSLY, Ezekial HALL & ELijah M. AMOS Jr. as Appraisers.

same day 134-David LOCKHART & Adaline AMOS applied for letters of admin.

Jan. 3, 1844-page 152-Adeline AMOS as widow, stating her husband died on 1 Feb 1843 choses a childs pat of estate under the 1807 statue passed by the Legislature of Ga. Court Allowed.

Jan. 6 1844-page 147 David LOCKHART & Adaline AMOS as admin. granted leave to sell lot in Knoxville where P.A. COLEMAN resided during 1843.

May 7 1844 Page 161 David & Adeline as Admin. to sell at public outcry lot 8 improvements in Knoxville which William T. SHURLEY now lives knows as COLEMAN Lot.

Sep. 2 1844-page 176 The Adm. was granted leave to sell all estate both real & personal.

1845-Jul. 7 page 204 David LOCKHARD & Adeline M. AMOS as Admin. granted leave to advance whatever sum or sums of money may be be necessary to remove any encumbrance on the titles of Lots 309,313 1st Dist. of originally Muscogee now Crawford.

1845-Nov. 3 page 212 Benjamin BEELAND, Jacob LOVE, Elijah M. AMOS, Marlin ANSLEY and EZEKIEL HALL appt. as distributors to divide the estate into 3 equal shares. (Adaline M. Amos relict and widow, Anna S AMOS dtr and orphan, Edward D AMOS son and orphan)

Jan. 12-1846-Page 215-David LOCKHART appt. Guardian of minors Edward D AMOS & Anna Susan AMOS.

1849-Jan. 8-David LOCKHART fully adm. estate-granted letters of dismission as Admin.

Collum vs Causey

County & Court Purposes 1830-1846

27 Nov 1844  Alfred COLLUM vs Littleberry L. CAUSEY & Lemon M. CAUSEY: Assumpsit and confession for plaintiff for $108.69 with interest and cost of suit. The defendant being dissatisfied with confession rendered, and having paid all costs and having demanded an appeal brings Isaac DENNIS and tenders his as his security.