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Phillip Schofield

Phillip Schofield & Charity Busby Schofield

Phillip Schofill (Schofield) b 1803 and Charity Busby (as above), married on 26 December 1826 in Crawford County. Reese Busby Schofield says his Grandfather's name was William Schofield and stated he was from South Carolina. We are unsure as to the parentage of William Schofield of South Carolina, but believe his grandparents were Phillip and Rachel Schofield of Fairfield and Kershaw Counties, South Carolina. William is noted in Phillip's (born circa 1735’s) will.

Charity was the daughter of William Reese Busby and Mary Winn Busby (perhaps Charity was Mary’s stepdaughter), of Bibb County, GA. The Schofield (Scofills) of Crawford County, Ga attended Little Union Baptist Church in Crawford County and they are buried there.

William Winn and William Reese Busby were also members at the Little Union Church joining in 1828. We are not sure of the relation of William Winn, if any to Mary Winn.

Phillip and Charity Schofield had 15 children and it should be mentioned, they also raised at least 6 grand children, their Hatfield Grandchildren orphaned in the Civil War, and also Ichabod Scarborough, whom I believe is also a grandchild, in 1840.

The children were Mary J, Elizabeth, Andrew Jackson, Charity, Reese Busby, William Busby, Eugena, James J, Bryant B, Van Buren, Sophia Ann, Georgia Ann, Martha Ann, Julia Ann and Eliza.

Phillip amassed quite a bit of land in Crawford County and through careful management did not loose it all after the War Between the States.  He wrote this letter to his Grandson, Phillip Hatfield, who had moved to Carrol County, Georgia:

December the 6th 1887

Dear nephew and neace

I sit myself down to write you a piece, to let you hear from me .

I am as common and doing very well at this time. Hope these few lines will come to your hand and find you all enjoying the same.

Well Phillip, I have not much to write but if I could see you, I would have a right more to say than I can write. I would like to see your baby, but I know you and Nance have been spoiling it.

Phillip, Jackson Joyner’s wife is dead. She left 3 children and Anis(?) taken them. The baby is very ____ now. I don’t know whether it will get over it or not. The day Frankey was buried, Asberry was taken sick at Anis and been there, down with the pneumonia. He is a little better now.

Phillip all the rest of the connection is well as far as I know. I am nearly done gathering all but a little cattering cotton. I don’t know if I will make two bales or not. I have not had it ginned yet. I have corn enough for me. I have not got my hogs fat yet, but I have peas enough to fatten them with, plus the mulberry (?).

I have got Lee with me this year and Frank is with me yet. Well Phillip, I have wrote all I can, think of this time- you must forgive my short letter. I come to a close for this time, write me soon.

I remain as ever your Grandpa until death,

howdy (?) and goodbye

Phillip Schofill

A big thanks goes out to Gaila Merrington for submitting this information!