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James Hale

James Hale born 6 Jan 1790 died  25 Oct. 1847 Crawford Co. Ga. He married in burned Twiggs Co. Ga. Nancy H. Chappell born 28 Dec 1797 Marion, Twiggs, Ga. died 6 Oct. 1826 Crawford Co. Ga.
She was the dtr. of Thomas B. Chappell and Lavinia Cox
Children of Janes &  Nancy
Rebecca 21 Aug 1813 Twiggs Co Ga
Louisa 25 Dec 1814 Twiggs Co Ga
Elizabeth Jane 26 Aug 1816 Twiggs Co Ga
Levinia 15 Jan 1819 Twiggs Co Ga
Mary Ann 10 Aug 1820 Twiggs Co Ga
Susannah Ann 4 Mar 1822 Twiggs Co Ga
Matilda 19 Oct 1824 Twiggs Co Ga
Sara 2 Oct 1826 Twiggs Co Ga
James C 31 Jan 1828 Marion,Twiggs,Ga
Judethan Sara Ann "Judy Ann" 29 Apr 1831 Twiggs Co Ga
India Ann 1832 Crawford Co Ga
Thomas Chaplell W CSA 3 Jan 1836 Crawford
Jonas T C W 3 Aug 1837 Crawford Co Ga
John Joseph Chappell 25 Jun 1839 Crawford
1-Rebecca died 1877 and married  24 Dec 1829 Crawford Co. Ga. Matthew T. Marshall 1800 Ga- aft 1850
They had
Mary 1831
T S 1833
James 1834
Nancy 1836
L A 1838
Talbet 1842
2-Louisa died 30 Aug 1857 Choctaw, Al and married  29 Jul 1830 Crawford Co. Ga. Jesse S. Braswell 1805 NC-Mar 1864 Atarat, Al. son of Jesse & Rebecca Blow
They had
Elberton H 8 Sep 1832
Camilla 1839
Nancy 1839
James H(Hale) 1841
Benjamin Berry (Littleberry) CSA 1841
Antoinette 1844
Jesse R CSA 3 May 1845
Mary A L 1846
Robert L 11 Nov 1848
female 1849
Franklin S 1853
Bill 1864
3-Elizabeth Jane died aft  1860 Census Webster Co. Ga. she married  3 Apr  1836 Crawford Co. Ga. Littleberry L. Causey born 1815 Edgecombe Co NC d aft 1870 Webster Co. Ga. He was son of Lemon M and Jane Jenkins.
They had:
John CSA 12 Feb 1837
James Lee 1839
female 1840
Littleberry Jr CSA 19 Nov 1841
Benjamin Franklin CSA 1843
Susan E 30 May 1845
Nancy J 1847
David M 1849
Samuel Henry 17 Jun 1852
James 1855
Hardrmett H 1856
Henriette E 1858
4-Leveinia died bef  1847 married 3 Apr  1836 Crawford Co Ga. Wiley Futrell
they had
William A
Josephus B
Robert Warren
Wiley H
Rachel J
5-Mary Ann  died 21 Jul 1853 and married  8 Oct 1839 Crawford Co. Ga. #1- William D. Hodges born 9 Apr 1813 Pitt Co NC died 3 Feb  1848 Twiggs Co. Ga. child of Willis and Lydia Baldwin
They had:
James Willis 20 Feb 1841
Mary Louisa 5 Jul 1842
William Baldwin 10 Dec 1843
William Josiah "Willis J" 15 Mar 1848
Mary married Jesse Stallings born  25 Nov 1814 Ga died 22 Oct  1900 Climax Ga and they had at least one unnamed male.
6-Susannah died aft  1870 probably Calhoun, Ar. She married  15 Jan 1840 Taliaferro "Toliver" "Tol" Lingo CSA born 1822 Hancock Co. Ga. died aft  1870 probably Calhoun Co Ar. He was the son of Elijah  Lingo and Mary Hardin Taliaferro.
They had:
Eugenia 1841
Samantha Louisa 1843
Mary "Molly" 1844
James E 1845
William "Will" 1847
John 1849
Charles 1852
Rufus 1853
Joseph 1855
Lewis 1860
7-Matilda married 7 Feb 1845 Crawford Co. Ga.  William Robertson. She married  12 Dec 1845 Crawford Henry Butts son of Henry and Mary Sledge.
Nothing is known of children.
8-Sara Hale married  Nov 1844 Robert Johnson and Dec. 1846  H Butler.
No More is known.
9-James  died 15 Sep. 1858  Twiggs Co. Ga. He married  Martha Johnson
10-Judy Ann  died 19  Jan 1865 Bibb Co Ga
Oliver Anthony Porter 9 Apr 1823 Putnam Co Ga-1 May 1872 Upson Co Ga child of Vinson R and Amelia B Rees.
11- no more known
12-Thomas Chappell W died  1864 near Huntsville, Al. CSA
married  1855 Sara Elizabeth Cox- a cousin born  1827 Putnam Co. Ga.died 11 Nov 1905 Macon, Bibb, Ga. child of Cary Chappell Cox and Sara Weeks Burge-grandchild of Asa Chappell son of Cary (Father of Levinia Nancy's Mother)
They had:
Barry Lee
James Cary 19 Mar 1856
Augustus 1861
13-Jonas died 22 Sep 1857
14-John Joseph  married Jan 1856  Mary Robertson- no more known.
Notes on James- The Father
1813-about James Hale & Nancy C. Chappell married- Twiggs Co. Ga.

1818 Tax Twiggs Co. Ga. Capt. Jefferson's Dist. Jas Hale 67 28 10

Jacob Blackshear next to Chappell

Th. Chappel 202 1/2 28 14

Th. Hare? 9526 Water course Sandy

Joseph Hall 50289-next to Brown

1820 Census James would be 30 years 1820

Twiggs Co. Ga. Census found 1820-4 Matilda dtr of James born Twiggs Co. Ga.

1820-5 Mary Ann dtr. of James born Twiggs Co. Ga.

1 Sep 1823, Wilkes Co., GA, Inferior Court Minutes: "Benjamin HALE asking that clear titles be given to land on Oconee river in Baldwin Co., by Felix Hay and Richard H. Long, Excrs of Gilbert Hay, dec’d." [11]
1 Mar 1824, Wilkes Co., GA, Inferior Court Minutes: "Permission to Felix G. Hay and Richard H. Long, Excrs. of Gilbert Hay, dec’d, to convey land to Benjamin HALL." [12]

1825 James C. (Chappell) son of James Born Marion, Twiggs, Ga.

1825 Crawford Co. was Ind. Dec. 28th.

1826-30 Judith Sara dtr of James born Twiggs Co. Ga.

1826 Day Book of Mr. Peck's Store James Hail Apr. 15th.Twiggs Co. Ga.

1827 Index to Gold Region Draw 1820-32 Thomas Hail Soldier

1828 James bought from James Wilkinson Dec. 22.Was Crawford Co.Ga.

1829 Courthouse Burned-Crawford Co. Ga.

1829 Rebecca dtr. of James married 21 Dec Matthew T. Marshall Crawford Co.Ga.

1830 Census 423-409 Crawford James would be 40 years old...(A Thomas in Jones Co.)

male 30/40 female 30/40

f 15/20 1

f 10/15 1

f 5/10 3

male 0/5 f 0/5

1830 Census Twiggs list a Hale in the index, but none on the page listed.

1830 Louisa, dtr. of James married 29 Jul. Jesse Braswell Crawford CO. Ga.

1831 James & Nancy members Mt. Carmel Church Crawford Co. Ga.

1832 India Ann dtr. of James and Nancy was born Crawford Co. Ga.

1832 Gold Lottery of Ga. James 392 Land Lot Dist. 13 North Crawford Co. Ga.

1834 Ezekiel married Pamela was he kin??? Crawford Co. Ga.

1834 Levina--dtr of James married 4 Nov. Wiley Futrell Crawford Co. Ga.

1834 James joined Mt. Carmel Primitive Bap. Ch. Nancy joined also.

1835-40 so Jonas was Born Crawford Co. Ga.

1836 son Thomas Chappell Born Crawford Co. Ga.

1836 Elizabeth dtr. of James married 3 Apr. Littleberry L. Causey Crawford Co.

1839 Mary Ann dtr. James married 8 Oct. William Hodges Crawford CO. Ga.

1840 son John J was Born Crawford Co. Ga.

1840 Census 388 Crawford Co. Ga. James would be 50 years old..

male 50/60 female 30/40 --so she shows 59 next census,so would be 49 here.

female 15/20 2

male 10/15 1 female 10/15 1

female 5/10 1

male 0/5 3

1846..Before---Susan married Telifairo Lingo.

1846 Nov. 5 Crawford Co. Ga. Will Bk. A p73 Probated

Nov. Term 1847 Probated Registered 18 Nov 1847 WBA P 73

I desire that my two sons Thomas Hail and Jonas Hail each have $1200. I desire that my son James C. Hail have $600 over and above the amount of equal shares with them and my daughters. All the rest of my estate to be divided between my eleven children to wit:

James C. Hail, Thomas Hail, Jonas Hail, Rebecca Marshall wife of Matthew Marshall, Louise Braswell wife of Jesse Braswell, Elizabeth Causey wife of Littleberry L. Causey, Mary Hodge wife of William Hodge, Susan Lingo wife of Telefario Lingo, Matilda Robertson wife of William Robertson wife of William Robertson, Sarah Hail and Judia Ann Hail.

Son James C. Hail

Wit: Stephen S. Wright, Eliajah Amos, Gilbert Gree. Attn. For Ex. Green


1848 Jan. 10 Pg. 282 Appraisors were appointed for his estate. Son James C. was Ex.

1848 May 1 Nancy H. Hail widow and relict went to court with atty. Amos W. Hammond to revolk the probate of the will and set it aside. She charged her husband was under an insane and morbit dilusion concerning her and his son John Hale which caused him to disinherit said wife and son. James C Ex. charged James was of sound mind at time of execution. Court ruled will was invalid and he was declared to have died intestate...and letters of Ex. were revoked.

1848 Jul. 3 Littleberry L. Causey was appointed Admin.

1849 Died at Brother's Res. in Hickory Grove Crawford Co. Sep. 23 A. Smith by J.H. Hales

1850 Census 392 Crawford Co. Ga.

Nancy H.( Chappell) Hale 59 f $1451 Ga.

J.A. 18 F Ga. J C 14 M Ga Jonas T C 10 M Ga Elizabeth Wenedin (McMullin?)

1850 Mortality Schedule Franklin Hale 21 M Va May Joseph Hale M Ga Dec. Pike

Co. Ga.

1850 Yalsafaro (Talifaro) Lingo was in Stewart..only Pinkston Lingo was there

in 1840.

1850 Jesse Braswell was in Stewart. Only Alex Braswell was there in 1840

William Robertson has not been established among the many in Census that year including Crawford Co. Ga. William Hodges ==there were several of them in Ga. also.

1856 Mar. 23 Georgia Twiggs Co. Rec'd of James C. Haile, administrator of the estate of Nancy H. Haile, late of Crawford Co. Ga. 4226 and 50/100 my interest in said estate of minor heirs of William Hodges, dec'd. I hereby release the same James C. Hail, adm. from all liability.

1857 James W. Hale 20 died Sep 21 1857 Twiggs Co. Ga.

1858 Mar. 5 Marion, Twiggs Co. Ga.

Received of Jas. Hail adm. of Nancy H. Hale late of Crawford Co Ga. dec'd $302.02 in full of my distributive share of the Estate of said deceased___ to me by my Mother, Daughter of said deceased. William A. Futrell

Elijah Bond; R.H. Longley.

1858 Mar. 8 Marion, Twiggs, Ga. Received of James C. Hail, administrator of

Nancy H. Hail late of Crawford Co. deceased $302.02 in full of the distributive share coming to me in right of my wife, Rebeckah in the estate of said Deceased. Th. S. Chappell, Matthew T. Marshall, A.B.F.McWilliams
Notes on Nancy- The Mother
1834 Joined the Mount Carmel Prim. Bap Ch.

1850 Census P. 402 20th Dist. Crawford Co. Ga.

163-163- Nancy H. 59 Ga

I. A. (India Ann) 18 Ga (Left out Judith Ann 18 Ga)

T. C.(Thomas Chappell) 14 Ga

Jonas 12 Ga

J. J. (John Joseph) 10 Ga

Elizabeth Murchison (McMulin?) 55 Ga (sister-in-law???)

317-317 J. M. 38 Overseer Ga.

M.R. 28 Ga

R.A. 1 Male Ga.

1851 May 5 Pg. 66 Nancy one of guardians of Judy Ann, Thomas C, Jonas, John J

1851 Apr. 6 pg 108 Nancy one of guardians of Thomas,John,Jonas, Judy

1852 Jun. 7 pg 113 Nancy co-guardian of Jonas, Thomas, John and Julia Ann

1852 Jul. 5 pg 119 Nancy H co-guardian with Littleberry of Judy Ann, Thomas H, James J and John ask to be dismissed from guardianship and from bond.

1852 Jul. 17 pg 120 Ewell Webb ask to get off bond as security.

1852 Sep. 6 pg 126 Court ordered Nancy released and discharged as guardian.

Littleberry had to give new bond of $20,000 with approved security.

1852 Jan. 10 Pg. 176 Littleberry as guardian of Thomas C, Jonas W. and John Hale inors. Apparently Julia Ann had become an adult or married.

1856 Oct. 14 Mt. Carmel Church shows Nancy Died.

James, Nancy and Mary Ann were all members.

1858 Mar. 5th Marion, Twiggs, Ga. Received of Jas. Hail, adm. of Nancy H. Hail, late of Crawford Co. Ga. dec'd $302.02 in full of my distributive share of the estate of said deceased___to me by my Mother, Daughter of said deceased. William A. Futrell

Elijah Bond; R.H. Longley

1858 Mar. 8 Marion, Twiggs, Ga. Received of James C. Hail administrator of

Nancy H. Hail late of Crawford Co. deceased #302.02 in full of the distributive share coming to me in right of my wife Rebechah, in the estate of said deceased. Thos. S. Chappell, Mattew T. Marshall A.B.F.McWilliams.

1858 Mar. 23 Twiggs Co. Ga. Received of James C. Haile, administrator of the estate of Nancy H. Hahile late of Crawford Co. Ga. $226 and 50/100, my interest in said estate of minor heirs of Wm. Hodges dec'd. I hereby release the said James C. Haile, adm. from all liability Josiah Hodges guardian, Lewis Solomon Ordinary Twiggs Co. Ga.

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