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Franklin H.Hortman

Franklin Hiram Hortman

Born: 25 August 1842 in Crawford Co. Georgia

Died: 2 January 1926 in Crawford Co. Georgia

Father Jacob Hortman 1815 in S.C.-after 1870

Mother Ava Britt 1807 in S.C.

Franklin was 19 years old when he enlisted as a private in Co. "C" of the 27th Georgia Infantry on 10 Sept. 1861. This unit was known as Colquitt's Brigade.

31 May 1862 Franklin was wounded in the Battle of Seven Pines outside of what now is Mechanicsville, Va. Franklin was shot though the right hip in this wound.

20 Feb 1864 Franklin was wounded again in the Battle of Ocean Pond outside of Lake City, Fla. This was a wound in his right thigh.

1 June 1864 Franklin was wound a third time in the Battle of Cold Harbor. This battle was back in the area of Mechanicsville, Va. This wound was in the area of Franklin's right knee.

26 Apr 1865 Surrendered at Greensboro, NC

24 Aug 1866 Franklin married Missouri Eliza Kennedy born 11 Aug. 1842 in Crawford Co. and died 01 Oct. 1903 in Crawford Co. Georgia

Franklin and Eliza had the following children:

1867 Mary

1868 Frances Avan

1869 Thomas

1871 Elaim

1872 Sarah married-Frank A Molton

1875 Martha Ann

1879 Annie Lena-married Henry David Moncrief

1882 Lizzie Elizabeth-married William Fletcher Whittington

1884 Carrie Bell-married Wesley Homer Wiggins

Franklin and Eliza both are buried in Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery in Crawford Co. Georgia.

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