Preservation Board meeting on Wednesday 7 August

Bruce Barnes

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Please stand for George Eastman House, the Neighborhood of the Arts, and the East Avenue Preservation District by attending the Rochester Preservation Board meeting in City Hall (Room 302A) on Wednesday 7 August at 6:00 p.m. 


The first topic on the agenda is the proposed development of a 99-unit, four-story apartment building at 933 University Avenue, immediately east of George Eastman’s house and gardens, a National Historic Landmark in the East Avenue Preservation District.  The question before the Preservation Board is whether to recommend to Marcia Barry (Director, Planning and Zoning) that the proposed project may have a significant adverse impact on the neighborhood.  The Board’s recommendation will be a key factor in Ms. Barry’s decision as to whether a Draft Environmental Impact Statement will be required before the proposed project can be considered for approval by the Planning Commission and Preservation Board.


We have been informed that the Preservation Board will not hear further oral testimony on this subject, so all we are asking you to do is simply attend the meeting while the Board reaches its decision.  We believe the number of people attending will send a strong message to the members of the Preservation Board about how the community feels about this project.


Earlier this week, we submitted an extensive letter and supporting documents to the Preservation Board, making the case for its recommendation that the proposed project may have a significant adverse impact.  (This package should be downloadable at*UUVfcyLtQA.)


I look forward to seeing you there, and we thank you for support for our efforts to preserve the character of this neighborhood and historic district. 


All best,




Bruce Barnes, Ph.D.
Ron and Donna Fielding Director
George Eastman House