On the evening of Wednesday 8 May, the Rochester Preservation Board held a hearing on the proposed demolition of the existing building and construction of a 102-unit, four-story apartment building at 933 University Avenue.  Bruce Barnes’ May 14th, 2013 Update:


  • Since the District was formed in 1969, only three principal structures have been demolished—all prior to 1983.
  • Since 1975, only 98 residential units have been built—the proposed project would more than double this number.
  • Since 1975, only one structure over two stories has been built: the three-story Elaine Wilson Hall, set far back from East Avenue, behind Bausch Hall at the Rochester Museum & Science Center.
  • Since 1975, only one apartment building has been constructed: non-profit DePaul Community Services’ 22-unit two-story assisted living facility, well hidden behind two circa 1900 houses on University Avenue.
  • Notably, in 2010, the Rochester Preservation Board denied a prior application by DePaul to demolish the two houses and build a 36-unit three-story building and a 16-unit two-story building.
  • In the 1980s, Eastman House’s gallery and archive building was strictly constrained to protect the District.
  •  The latest revised application to demolish the club’s historic structure and construct a four-story apartment building with 102 units—only eight fewer than they originally proposed.
  The summary description of the proposed project (the “Proposed Project”) is as follows:

To remove a two  story, veterans’ clubhouse building, a surface parking lot and existing landscaping and construct a four  story, 174,000  square  foot, 110  unit apartment building with a 118  space first floor parking garage, a 3,400 square  foot veterans’ clubhouse building and 21 surface parking spaces.

Current Morgan Management Proposal 4.15.2013 (enlarge)