"Fitness and wellness that is all our own"

Geek Physique is all about fullness of life while enjoying being a geek.  We are bringing fun, often unique fitness activities to you, along with wellness science. 

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Exercise 2.0
Fitness is attitude first; learn to work with your body and let go of expectations.
Active Events:
Roll for Initiative
When we were kids, exercise was fun and natural.   Growing up doesn't mean boring.  This is a regular, fun event with planned, led activities. Outdoor locations will include parks and playgrounds across our lovely city.

Active Events:

at CONvergence 2011
Like Fête the Ball

Minor Changes for Major Results

If you're out of shape, do you know why?  It doesn't take much to make a difference you will feel.  Receive tools, encouragement, motivation, and education on how to make just a few minor adjustments, from a health and wellness expert. 

Wii Enjoy Fitness
The game companies have decided we need  to invest in our bodies, and has made some excellent advances in technology to get us there.  A LAN party with a fitness twist.  Bring your exercise tech for this regular event.

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