Aboriginal Education Workers
  • assist with or provide direct academic support to individual students or small groups

  • plan and organize cultural education experiences

  • provide social/emotional support and initiate referrals to school counsellors or community agencies if required

  • initiate and maintain contact with homes and families.

Academic Classroom Support

  • Additional/supplemental academic support

Cultural Activities

  • Presented in a wide variety of formats, activities may include: elder visits, cultural presenters, traditional arts, field trips, traditional games and tours.

Parent Contact

  • Contact by AEWs may include: newsletters, phone contact, email or home visits

Parent Engagement Activities

  • Organized events where parents are formally invited to the school to take part in information sharing, meeting staff and/or sharing a meal.

Annual Graduation Ceremony

  • Each year the school district and the First Nations Education Council host a graduation ceremony for all aboriginal students in the district graduating from grade 12. This is an evening that recognizes and honours the importance of school success, family support and connection to cultural identity. Several scholarships and bursaries are awarded to aboriginal students attending post secondary institutes.

Transitions to Post Secondary for Gr. 11/12

  • Transition Day at Thompson Rivers University serves to provide information to students regarding post secondary programs and career opportunities. It also encourages and inspires students to think about their future. Activities include: TRU campus tour, workshops, a panel presentation by current TRU aboriginal students, displays and presentations by university faculty and support services.

Career Exploration and Career Fairs

  • Several aboriginal communities host annual career exploration days and fairs that are held throughout the year. Interactive booth displays and workshops allow students to become more familiar with their strengths and interests in addition to learning about possible avenues of careers.