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Online posters

Online Poster Definition

Online posters are powerful tools for students to use to create online collages that they can share with their friends and classmates.

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When educators began moving from paper posters to online posters, the first place they headed was to GlogsterEdu. Glogster, however, is no longer free. If you are not willing to pay for a teachers yearly subscription (currently $39/year), then you may want to consider these alternatives.

Thinglink - Thinglink takes a poster to the next level. You start with an image as a base (which could be a picture of a traditional poster). Then you add hotlinks to audio (using tools such as Soundcloud), video (such as YouTube), text and images.

Biteslide- Biteslide looks a lot like Glogster. You can create what the site calls Slidebooks with images, video and text. Like the original education edition of Glogster, teachers can choose a free plan that allows them to have 30 student accounts and 1 project. The site promises that this option is free forever. 

New Hive - New Hive is also similar to Glogster in that it gives you a canvas to create a multimedia poster with embedded video, images and mp3 files. It doesn’t have the pizazz and cutesy backgrounds and graphics that Glogster had, but it does the trick. You have to request an invite to create an account. It just sent the invite to my email account within a few minutes.

Smore - Smore allows you to create simple web based flyers. In other words, you can create a simple web page that has as much information as a printed flyer you post on the wall at school would have. You can add videos, text, images, etc. There are few basic flyer templates you can use and the drag and drop interface is pretty darn easy to use. 

Nanoogo is an online platform used by kids to write stories, create original artwork, and express their unique talents. Teachers are using Nanoogo in many ways to enhance classroom engagement while addressing the core curriculum.      

Big Huge Labs - Big Huge Labs is a little bit different than the other tools. You can pick a particular photo editing tool, add a photo and then do some cool stuff with it. Create a jigsaw puzzle, a movie poster or magazine cover. You can even create one of those infamous motivational posters that have a picture with an inspirational saying underneath. I would blame you if you put something funny there instead. Check out the Education link to find out how to create an educator account.