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Intro to Chromebooks

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What are Chromebooks? 
Chromebooks are small laptops that run Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive. They provide a wide variety of Google Apps and extensions that allow a great deal of functionality in the areas such as photo manipulation, math tools, productivity tools and MUCH more. Students will have the ability to begin something using Google Drive in class, close down his or her chromebook, and log into a home computer with his or her Google account and continue working on the same document. Chromebooks are the perfect tool to use with students to leverage the power of Google Apps for Education in the classroom. 

What Chromebooks are not
You do not install software or store files on Chromebooks, so you will not find Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office on a Chromebook, nor will you be saving files to the network on a Chromebook. To accomplish these types of tasks, you should use Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides or leverage the many Google Apps available and save these files on Google Drive.  

The Chromebooks being deployed throughout the district will not be set up to print.  Files created by students should be shared with the teacher and the teacher can print documents from their own device should printing be deemed necessary. Or, students can go to a library computer, log in to Google Drive, access their work, and print from there. 

Using a Chromebook/Chromebook cart

Many new chromebook carts have been issued in GDRSD.  The teacher guidelines for using these carts can be found in the Chromebook Guidelines document.

You do not log into a Chromebook using your network login credentials.  Instead, you login using your Gmail username and password.  Students have been issued a Google user name and password as well.  The list of student Google accounts has already been shared with you from Gary.
A student user name would look like this:

<2 digit Year of Graduation><ID#>
i.e. a 5th grade student with an ID # of 1234 would have a user name of

Year of Graduation for this year are:
Grade 12 - 15
Grade 11 - 16
Grade 10 - 17
Grade 9 - 18
Grade 8 - 19
Grade 7 - 20
Grade 6 - 21
Grade 5 - 22

All students begin with a password of crusaders.  They will be prompted to change their password to a new 8 digit password upon their first login.  All members of the tech team have the ability to reset a password if one is forgotten. 

Accessing a Chromebook Cart
The tech team has organized and setup "resource calendars" through Google. Everyone in the district has their resources loaded into a calendar that is accessible to everyone on a first come first serve basis. Each staff member will want to subscribe to these resource calendars to know when resources such as chromebook carts, iPad carts, and computer labs are scheduled. The video below shows how to subscribe to resource calendars and how to schedule a resource for your class. 

Can Chromebooks go home with a student? 
No. Chromebooks are to stay in the school that they are assigned to. Students and teachers are encouraged to use Google Drive, or any other cloud based application so that students can simply log in to their google apps for edu account or other cloud based applications such as Evernote or Dropbox from any device. 

Do students need to use the same Chromebook when working on a multi-day project? 
No. Students can use any chromebook as long as they are saving their work to Google Drive or using other cloud-based applications. In short, Google Drive is like a thumb drive or flash drive, but not actually visible. When students log out of a Chromebook their cache is wiped. Meaning, no data is stored about that individual user experience. When a student logs on to another device, they will have a fresh user experience.