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The Vision Services Program services students who experience a wide range of vision impairments, total blindness and/or diminished functional vision capacity.  This program does no therapeutic work, but does work closely with medical personnel who offer clinical assessments and recommendations for therapy.  Our services, while ranging across the spectrum of all educational areas, further concern an expanded core curriculum, which for blind or low vision children, is crucial in helping to establish a healthily and fully functioning adult.

We service students with low vision who have no other disabilities, totally blind students with no other disabilities, blind or low vision students with other disabilities.  We also maintain a Braille library, games, toys, equipment, large print books and all other material needed for the fullest curriculum we can manage.

Itinerant services occur in the school settings and is the major portion of work with students.  Home visits are also done to work with infants and their families, parents who need help with Braille or any concepts concerning blindness, or students whose disability makes it impossible to attend school.

A summer school program is offered for five to six weeks for students to “catch up” on the many skills their sighted peers take for granted.

Parent Websites: Recommended by  Donna McNear, DOE Vision Consultant.

FamilyConnect: for parents of children with visual impairments

National Association for Parent of Children with Visuall Impairments (NAPVI)

Wrightslaw:  Special Education Advocacy

Educating Blind and Visually Impaired Students:  Policy Guidance from OSERS

Parent Books: Recommended by Donna McNear, DOE Vision Consultant

A Parent's Guide to Special Education for Children with Visual Impairments