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Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Service provides services to students who may have a disability that can result in difficulty in mobility, walking, balance, coordination, posture or control of movement.  Physical Therapy’s aim is to develop and maintain gross motor skills needed for functional mobility and participation in activities required for learning.

Services Provided by the Physical Therapy Services:

Direct services:  Provision of hands-on physical therapy service services to students with special needs, with the Physical Therapist performing the recommended activities and/or exercises to the student.

Consultation:  Consultation is done with teachers, aides, parents and other related staff regarding student status and progress of programs with changes made as needed.  This is done during chance, staff or scheduled team meetings.

Teacher and Aide Training:  Teachers, aides and other related staff are given training to acquire the necessary basic skills to implement simple therapeutic exercises and activities in school to attain goals as stated in the student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

Parent or Caregiver Training:  Parent and/or caregivers are also trained to attain the minimum knowledge and ability to implement a home program of exercises and activities to supplement the school program.

Environmental Adaptation:  Human or physical adaptation to the environment is made to make learning as easy as possible.

Provision of Assistive Devices and Equipment:  For students in need of assistive devices and/or equipment are assessed; measurements are made; devices and or equipment is identified; then, either developed, constructed or ordered; and finally fitted to facilitate learning.

In-Service/Workshops: In-service/workshops are provided to parents, teachers, aides and related staff to address concerns and needs to improve management programs and service delivery with emphasis on a team approach for success.