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Hearing Services

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program

Services children ranging from preschool to high school age. Preschoolers attend sessions within a self-contained classroom consistent with their IEP. Elementary, middle and high school students receive specialized instruction within the self-contained classroom are also mainstreamed to participate in general education classes.

The Total Communication Program

Designed to offer the full range of communication options such as sign language (ASL, Signed English, Conceptually Accurate Signing), fingerspelling and speechreading, with the emphasis on Signing Exact English (S.E.E.), to children whose hearing limits access to language. The educational program incorporates amplification, spoken, signed and written English, speechreading and augmentative communication systems. Special curriculum and instructional strategies may focus on the following:

  • Access and use of interpreters, tutors, deaf resources and organizations;
  • Assistive technology (TTY, FM auditory trainers, Telecaption decoders, Relay services);
  • Hearing aid/FM use and management
  • Social skill development and sex education;
  • independent living skills; and
  • Specialized pre-vocational, vocational and career education as appropriate.

Consultation Services

Consultation between the general education teacher and the teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing.

Itinerant Hearing Services

This program provides services to students with hearing impairments who are not attending a regional or resource program for the deaf and hard of hearing. These students may be either in the regular classroom or the resource room. This program is committed to providing ongoing support and consultation to meet the unique and individual needs of students with hearing impairments, their families, and all professionals directly involved in their education. The program’s long term goal is to enable the student with a hearing impairment to function independently within the classroom and in all life situations.